AlbaNSI Recruiting DayS - second edition

On May 7, 9 and 10 we will back to the University of Scutari with a Recruiting DayS full of news (starting from the S!)

Here at NSI we never tire of looking for talents, growing and improving: and this is why on  May 7, 9 and 10 we will be back at the University of Scutari to meet some young graduates from Scutari and Tirana. At the moment they are 25 aspiring programmers, but they are growing numbers!

For this second edition we will be doing great things by dedicating three full days to the foxes: on May 7 there will be a written test, and those of them who will pass this first phase, on May 9 or 10 will have access to the individual interview.

The opportunities for future programmers are many, and even those for mathematicians and physicists who want to experience our world are not lacking. In all cases we are looking forward to meeting them and starting to work together to make our AlbaNSI spin-off ever more efficient, operational and independent.