Dell Technologies Unified Workspace: an effective solution for IT workspace management

Unified Workspace integrates solutions on Dell, VMware and Secureworks devices and services to provide a unified and intelligent approach

The demand of the IT world is clear: to have the possibility to make the most of your workspace in increasingly portable and flexible environments, guaranteeing a mobile experience with high levels of agility, profitability and speed.

To this request, Dell responds by implementing Unified Workspace, the most complete solution in the industry to protect, manage and support devices from the cloud thanks to the integrated work of WMware, SecureWorks and Dell, providing a unified and intelligent approach.

But what are the most interesting features?

Let's see them together:
  • a modernized workforce management that allows you to control all the devices from a single console, integrate email, calendar, files and social media without leaving the workspace, combine all the apps into a single digital workspace and simplify the configuration of new devices;
  • to guarantee greater productivity in less time and constant efficiency regardless of the type of environment or work;
  • offer more security to end users, with constant monitoring and validation of the status of the device, user, network and applications;
  • get support more proactive.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact us: as a Dell Technologies Gold Partner, we can help you find the solution that best suits your needs.